Tire Air Pressure 
January, 05 2015, ,
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It has been said that tire pressure is the number one cause of tire failures yet most of us tires rarely check the inflation of our tire. Given the cost of new set of tires and the direct correlation between proper tire maintenance and their useful life, you would think we would all pay much more attention to properly inflating tires. Another issue with tires that are not inflated is poor fuel economy. Your gas mileage can be substantially affected by improper inflation. Certainly a frustration to inflating tires properly is finding a place where air for tires is offered and it is convenient. There are places out there still offering free air and their equipment is very reliable, you just have to look around. The cost and hassle of poorly maintained tires is not the only concern. Many deaths occur each year and thousands of accidents each year are attributed to low tire pressure. For most of us driving is the most dangerous thing we do each day and it is important that the vehicles we drive are safe to do so. The same goes for family members and friends. Ensuring once a month that the air pressure in your tires is adequate is a good standard to follow. You can find out what the proper air pressure for your tires on the tire placard located on the door-jam of the driver’s door. We urge you to share this information with family members, especially those teenagers that might otherwise ever know the importance of safe tires.
Holiday Message 
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Deductible - Insurance Term Tuesday 
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Establishing a Driving Program 
December, 10 2014, ,
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How many times have you heard the question, “What is the most dangerous thing you do semi tanker on icy highway each day?” If your answer is driving, you are correct. Vehicular accidents still remain the number one cause of employee fatalities. In the agribusiness industry, we place a focus on lockout-tag out procedures, bin and confined space entry, and wearing personal protective equipment; however, driving deserves equal attention. Each year, vehicle crashes cost employers billions of dollars in medical and legal expenses, as well as property damage and lost employee productivity. If a fatality accident occurs, these expenses rise even more. Although OSHA does not regulate driving, the federal agency is involved with trying to make driving safer. Click the link below to see how OSHA advocates the development of a safe driving program.

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Cyber Insurance 
December, 01 2014, ,
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In the wake of cyber attacks against Target, The Home Depot, and J. P. Morgan Chase over the past couple of years, it is readily apparent that simple protection from viruses and cyber security hackers is no longer adequate for cyber security in the 21st Century. Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated protection system can still find itself vulnerable to hackers who are constantly looking for a way into data systems. Furthermore, though some of the largest companies in the United States receive the majority of headlines when it comes to data breaches, smaller companies remain every bit as vulnerable to cyber attacks. According to Insurance Business America, a recent poll conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers L.L.P. found that the average financial loss due to cyber attacks is roughly $2.7 million. Furthermore, the number of these attacks in 2014 alone is almost 43 million, though that number only reflects the detected breaches. The actual number of attacks is probably much higher as it often takes weeks or months to detect a breach. One of the larger risks in the cyber world is the lack of detection in many cases. What this means for small business is that regardless of size, all companies are at risk to data breaches, cyber attacks, hacking, or whatever word a person wants to use to describe them. This is a dynamic that will not go away and firewalls and virus protection will only go so far to offer protection. Indeed earlier this year, Symantec announced that they are focusing more of their research dollars on developing breach detection software over their famed Norton Antivirus program as cyber attacks are more prevalent, sophisticated, and will only continue to find ways around established protections. In this brave new digital world, KFSA can offer you means to help mitigate your cyber risks. Speak to your agent today about the cyber liability and crime policies that we offer and how we can help you deal with some of the threats that are out there.

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