Safeguarding Rural Property and Farms 
January, 22 2015, ,
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Due to their isolation and lucrative theft targets, farms and rural properties are an ideal location for thieves to strike. Rising prices for certain items, particularly metals, tend to see a concurrent rise in thefts on the farm. As Shelia Pell describes in a recent “Modern Farmer” article, there are a number of different ways for agricultural producers to mitigate some of their theft exposures. Pell suggests such efforts as taking inventory of assets, starting a farm watch program, marking assets, installing cameras, locks, lights, and fencing, and replacing valuable metals with plastics where possible (such as in irrigation pivots) as areas where farmers can help lessen the chance of theft to their business. Another way to help manage the risk of theft is through insurance. Talk to a KFSA representative today about our farm insurance program and risk management services to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.
Annual Premium - Insurance Term Tuesday 
January, 13 2015, ,
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Tire Air Pressure 
January, 05 2015, ,
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It has been said that tire pressure is the number one cause of tire failures yet most of us tires rarely check the inflation of our tire. Given the cost of new set of tires and the direct correlation between proper tire maintenance and their useful life, you would think we would all pay much more attention to properly inflating tires. Another issue with tires that are not inflated is poor fuel economy. Your gas mileage can be substantially affected by improper inflation. Certainly a frustration to inflating tires properly is finding a place where air for tires is offered and it is convenient. There are places out there still offering free air and their equipment is very reliable, you just have to look around. The cost and hassle of poorly maintained tires is not the only concern. Many deaths occur each year and thousands of accidents each year are attributed to low tire pressure. For most of us driving is the most dangerous thing we do each day and it is important that the vehicles we drive are safe to do so. The same goes for family members and friends. Ensuring once a month that the air pressure in your tires is adequate is a good standard to follow. You can find out what the proper air pressure for your tires on the tire placard located on the door-jam of the driver’s door. We urge you to share this information with family members, especially those teenagers that might otherwise ever know the importance of safe tires.
Holiday Message 
December, 23 2014, ,
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Deductible - Insurance Term Tuesday 
December, 16 2014, ,
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