Trick or Treat Time 
October, 12 2017, ,
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If you have been in stores over the past few weeks, it is hard to miss all of the costumes and decorations. It is even harder to miss, if you have children. For many children they have been planning what they want to dress up as for Halloween since November 1st last year. Whether it is something scary or cute and adorable, there is always a plan and it is an exciting time to see the different costumes that are either purchased or made when they are out roaming the streets. By taking a little extra time in preparing, adults can ensure that Halloween is full of fun and excitement and not potentially tragic. Following a few tips will help make sure that Halloween is an enjoyable holiday.
The brighter the better when it comes to costumes. This will help ensure visibility when the children are walking the streets. If a darker costume is chosen, consider adding reflective tape to the costume to increase the visibility.
Masks are a great addition to any costume. However, make sure that they do not create sight issues for the child when they are wearing them. Face paint or wigs and hats are a better alternative.
If face paint is chosen, make sure that it is not irritating to the skin. Try it on a small area of the skin prior to full application and make sure it is removed before bedtime to prevent any irritation.
Home Safety:
Keep pets locked up during the time that visitors will be coming. No matter how friendly your pets are, there is a chance that they could become startled or irritated and jump on or bite a visitor.
Keep the front of your home well-lit and free of hazards (hoses, toys, snow, etc.)
Never allow children to enter homes without supervision.
Flashlights should be given to children to help them see potential hazards in their path while walking.
Plan ahead and talk about the route that you plan to take.
Kids will come home with a lot of treats from their time spent going door to door. Have a discussion beforehand to avoid consuming a lot of sugar at one time.
Check the treats that are in the bag. Chances are there are no problems, but checking for spoiled, unwrapped or suspicious items before eating is a good habit.
Remember that children are excited to be out making the rounds and not always attentive to what is going on around them.
Patience is a must as streets will be filled with pedestrians and other motorists. Traffic will flow, it is important to not get in a rush. It may be better to park in one area and walk to help reduce the congestion and potential hazards of driving in the crowds.

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