When severe weathers threatens your area…..How prepared are you? 
May, 22 2017, ,
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Whether you have lived in KS your whole life or have only been here a short time, you have probably been a part of or heard about the severe weather season that this state can encounter. Mother Nature brings a wide range of severe weather to this area. Everything from large damaging hail, intense straight line winds and even large devastating tornadoes are a possibility. The hope for everyone is that they never have to encounter any of these events, however if you live here long enough, the odds are pretty great that you will encounter one if not all of these events. Below are some things to consider in helping minimize the stress if you should have to be involved in one of these weather events.

At Home:
Have a plan in place with your family. Make sure that everyone is aware what to do in the event of severe weather. Designate an area of your home that you will plan to shelter in the event that severe weather approaches. With the advanced warning systems that are currently in place, there should be a short amount time to get to the designated area, but you do not want to be scrambling to grab essentials during that time.
Some Items to Consider:
Flashlights with extra batteries
Shoes and a change of clothes for all persons that will be in the area
Bottled Water
Battery powered radio
First Aid Kit
Cell phone charger (car charger and house charger)
Small children (items that will be essential to their well-being i.e. diapers, formula, etc.)
Pets – Don’t forget to include them in your plan – designate someone to be in charge of getting them into the shelter and have food available for them

At Work:
Severe weather does not always happen when you are home where you know what your plan is. Situations could arise while you are performing your normal work schedule. Whether you are an employee at an organization or a part of the management of the organization, below are some items to consider when it comes to preparation at the workplace.

Does your company have an emergency action plan?
Do you know where you are to go in the event of severe weather?
Are there supplies in these areas for the individuals that may be trapped?
Is there a communication plan for ensuring the safety of all employees (phone list in the emergency shelters)?

The time to worry about your insurance is not after the storm. There will be plenty of stress caused by the situation itself. Don’t create additional stress by not knowing what your insurance policy covers or finding out after the fact that your insurance does not cover something that you thought was covered.

Take time now to review your insurance policy. Contact your insurance agent about the specifics of the policy and what it does and does not cover. There may be items that you have forgotten to add to your policy or there may be provisions in your policy that are better understood prior to the claims adjuster having to explain them to you after an already traumatic event. If your agent is not able help you with your needs, it might be time to find a new agent.

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