Data Security - Fraudulent Impersonation  
February, 15 2017, ,
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Fraudulent Impersonation
Depending on whom you are talking to is can be called different things, i.e. social engineering. No matter what it is called, it is just another way for easy access to information. People wanting information can use a lot of sources of information (social media, websites, etc.) to make them appear to be legitimate sources that should have access to the information requested.
If in doubt about a request for information, money, etc. –
- Try calling the person back at the phone numbers that are provided in their email.
- If the number does reach someone, ask if you can send them an email with a confirmation code to respond to verify that it is a legitimate request
- Call someone else in your organization to verify
Although the above information may seem common sense, these things create problems each day. If nothing else, make others aware. You don’t know what someone doesn’t know until you ask or make them aware.

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