Data Security - Phishing  
February, 08 2017, ,
Posted by Administrator
Everyday there are a lot of emails that cross our paths. During the day many of us will see emails from vendors, customers, and just plain junk mail. Some of the emails that we receive look like they are coming from legitimate senders. We often open emails and click on attachments or respond without really looking at what we are doing. It does not take much more time to slow down and look at the email before moving forward, keep the following in mind when you are receiving emails.
- Have you received emails from this person/vendor before
- Are you expecting an email from the sender
- Does the email look like it is coming from a recognized source, but the content appear off
- When in doubt ask – there is no stupid question when it comes to protecting your companies data

Check back on February 15th for tips on screening people for fraudulent impersonation.

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