Data Security - Employee Awareness while Traveling 
January, 25 2017, ,
Posted by Administrator
When business associates travel, there is a lot of exposure for their portable devices to be compromised. Whether it is accessing a public Wi-Fi at a hotel or restaurant, misplacing a portable device, or having the portable device stolen (vehicle or hotel room) there are some things to help prevent any unauthorized access.
- Keep your laptop and iPad in your trunk to reduce the temptation of passer byers from seeing these in the car and giving them a reason to break into the vehicle.
- Be aware of what you are accessing on public WiFi networks. If possible, avoid accessing sensitive data when hooked up to these networks. When not working, disconnect from the network.
- Keep your devices on you when possible. Do not leave them unattended and avoid checking them when traveling.
- If you do lose your device, report it immediately so that it can be shut down or locked remotely to avoid access.

Check back on February 1st on ways for your employees to keep your data secure in their workstation.

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